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I Flushed, I Flushed, I Flushed!

Paflyman cannot recommend the new foot flush web-commercial too highly.

Mark Eubank Quits?

Zac Efron

Zac Efron is the favorite way to pafilay!Top 20 of 93 Total Search Strings

# Hits Search String
1 124 35.73% zac efron
2 47 13.54% Zac Efron
3 16 4.61% airplane jokes
4 11 3.17% ferret
5 8 2.31% characters
6 5 1.44% philosophy jokes
7 5 1.44% pinocchio characters
8 5 1.44% zac efron pictures
9 4 1.15% foot job
10 4 1.15% pictures of zac efron
11 4 1.15% pinocchio
13 3 0.86% ZAC EFRON
14 3 0.86% foot comics
15 3 0.86% nose job
16 3 0.86% pafly
17 3 0.86% pupa cosmetics
18 2 0.58% Airplane Jokes
19 2 0.58% Mohammed the prophet
20 2 0.58% Zac efron

Hail to Thee, Mabel Mudd Wench Tech!

There Must Be Some Mistake

Surely U.S. News and World Reports overlooked Mudd Wench Tech in their obviously flawed rankings

It's Alive

An actual update.


When computer programs go bad.

Is paflyman dead?

Don't know for sure, but there are some new FAQ's from FooT!

And if he ain't dead already, the new philosophy airplane jokes should do the deed.

What is PAFLY?

Acroynm finder give no results for pafly!

Acronym Attic finds "Performance Automatic Flywheels."

The mystery continues!


Thieves, Varmints

The Descartes joke has been around...


here and


FooT strikes again!

Adolf In Space Breaks 50!

Over 50 (53 exactly) weirdos now subscribe to Adolf in Space! An all time high!

Now, if only someone would start writing the next installment!

Pinocchio And FooT No. 9

What has the Ferret done to East High School???

From the Perseus Project...

The nose, as an organ expressive of sagacity, and also of scorn and anger: naribus ducere tura, to smell, Hor. C. 4, 1, 21 : naribus labrisque non fere quicquam decenter ostendimus, tametsi derisus iis, contemptus, fastidium significari solet, nam et corrugare nares, ut Horatius ait ... indecorum est, etc., to turn up the nose, to sneer, Quint. 11, 3, 80: ne sordida mappa Corruget nares, cause you to turn up your nose, Hor. Ep. 1, 5, 22 : omnis copia narium, sweet-smelling flowers, id. C. 2, 15, 6 : de nare loqui, to speak through the nose, Pers. 1, 33 : Aesopus naris emunctae senex, of a clean nose, i. e. of sharp perception, of fine powers of observation, Phaedr. 3, 3, 14; so, (Lucilius) emunctae naris, Hor. S. 1, 4, 8 : acutae nares, id. ib. 1, 3, 30 ; and on the contrary: homo naris obesae, of a dull nose, id. Epod. 12, 3 : naribus uti, to turn up the nose, i. e. to banter, ridicule, id. Ep. 1, 19, 45; cf.:…

Adolf in Space 8 Unleashed!

Adolf in Space Eight is available for your, um, listening "pleasure".

P&F Number 8, Done!


New Paflyman News!

Find out what news Paflyman has discovered, hush hush, and on the Q.T.!

He's a Bit Twirled



Disney is making a bollywood version of High School Musical.

As of yet, there are no reports of plans to place a Taj Mahal-like dome on East High School.


Arggg! Make It Stop!

The San Jose Mercury likes High School Musical! What are they smokin' up there in Silicon Valley??

And it's out on DVD! And 36 million idiots have watched it!

It's as if....Fredrick Quagmire the Third were Emperor of the Universe or something like that!!


And this from IMDb:

The Salt Lake Tribune reported today that Robyn Roberts, the principal of East High School, receives emails every day about the movie. "They're asking, 'Is your school really that fun?'" She says that one school administrator asked for a floor plan of East High. "They're redesigning their school ... and they want to make it more enjoyable for kids."

Captain KC passes on

There's one less Captain whose name Adolf can steal. Bernie Calderwood, who portrayed Captain KC, passed away in 2003.

The writers of the critically profaned "Adolf in Space" had the following comment: "Dagnabit! Where are we going to find new captains to steal names from! Blast you, Bernie!!! Wait--we haven't used Admiral Bernie yet! Brilliant!"

And---HOLY ZUCCHINI!!! Bernie went to EAST HIGH SCHOOL! Coincidence? I don't think so!!! Zac Efron works in mysterious ways!

Adolf in Space Seven Now Available at a Store Near You

The latest Adolf in Space is here.

Adolf's success is astounding. Out of billions of potential listeners all over the world, Adolf averaged 30, yes, 30 subscribers over the last month! Also this month, Adolf subscriptions reached the all time high of 42. The chart above gives the number of subscribers per day since Adolf's inception--as a podcast anyway.

Simply astounding!

August Strindberg Steals Adolf

In shameless act of plagiarism, August Strindberg has stolen the character Captain Adolf for his second rate play, "the Father."

Stindberg's corpse did not immediately return this reporter's phone calls. One can only speculate: what is he trying to hide?

Oh's Ain't Got Arms





Will the horror never end? There's a full-blown article over on Wiki-pedia on High School Musical!!! With extensive discussion about the quality of the article!!!

And, worse yet, plans for a sequel!!!!

And Zac Efron, "bona fide hot-guy"?????


Such a Talent

Snarfed from the Trib

'High School Musical': TV movie shot in SLC rocks the tween scene
Talk of the Morning
By Kathy Stephenson
The Salt Lake Tribune
Salt Lake Tribune
Born before 1980? Then you probably haven't seen - or heard of - the Disney Channel original movie "High School Musical."
But it's time to "Get'cha Head in the Game" because this low-budget movie - filmed last summer at Salt Lake City's East High School - is the latest "tween" phenomenon, breaking cable TV records and rewriting pop-chart history.
On Thursday, the movie soundtrack was No. 1 on the Billboard 200 list, which ranks albums based on sales. Since the movie premiered on the Disney Channel on Jan. 20, the "High School Musical" soundtrack has sold nearly 404,000 copies in stores and through digital downloads on iTunes. It's the first TV show soundtrack to top the charts since 1985 when "Miami Vice" spent 11 weeks at No. 1, according to Bi…



Freedom Literary Critics


Jackasses Were Harmed in the Making of this Episode


Tee Hee! Giggle Giggle!


Funny List of "Funny" Sites in SLC

This is funny?

Pafly Search Terms... stop for "matt rowley pinocchios" and "foot love". And some ferrets.

rank hits percent terms

1 5 6.25% ferret
2 5 6.25% pinocchio
3 3 3.75% PAFLY.COM
4 3 3.75% Pinocchio
5 3 3.75% matt rowley pinocchio
6 3 3.75% paflyman
7 2 2.50% Buddha%27s footprints
8 2 2.50% Church and State
10 2 2.50% Pinocchio.pdf
11 2 2.50% church and state
12 2 2.50% foot comics
13 2 2.50% foot flush
14 2 2.50% man ferret
15 2 2.50% pafly
16 2 2.50% pinocchio in the mouth of the -
17 2 2.50% pupa make up
18 2 2.50% radio plays podcast
19 2 2.50% sripada footprint
20 1 1.25% FOOT LOVE

Fouettes Were Harmed During the Making of this Episode


Warning: The faint of heart should have an air-sick bag available before veiwing this page.

Consult your doctor.

Adolf in Space Five!

Adolf in Space 5 is up!

Click below for Fredrick Quagmire the Third's favorite web site!

Commercials, Commercials!

What? Only updating with commercials? Well, okay. I'll have a danish with a side order of narration, thank you.

Vote for The Ferret...I mean...the Mayor

Let your voice be heard! Cast a vote for Mayor of Salt Lake City!

Surprises await those who don't vote for The Ferret!

Follow the exciting election returns!

Hear the Ferret!

The first Ferret commercial is now conveniently available at the Ferret's campaign website!

All you PAFLY Minuteman Kids don't forget to load it on your iPods and the iPods of all your friends...especially if they are tree-hugging liberals!

I can't wait until Salt Lake is free of FooT-headed terrorists!!!

Pafly Radio Corrupting iTunes

Image fools are currently subscribed to Pafly Radio!

Can't Tell the Difference Between Reality and a Comicbook

Pafly in iTunes

Check out the cool new Pafly Radio Plays logo in iTunes here.

Isn't Friendship Grand?


New Adolf in Space!

Yes, the rumors are true. Break out the gasmasks and call in the translators! There is a new adventure of Adolf in Space over in Pafly Radio Plays!

And kids, you can subscribe to the Adolf in Space podcasts to keep those bewildering adventures on your favorite MP3 device! Just visit the pafly podcast feeds and feed away!

Podcasts are not to be taken internally. Known side-effects include, but are not restricted to, headaches and nausea resulting from attempting to understand anything Adolf says. Should these occur, consult your doctor.