Captain KC passes on

There's one less Captain whose name Adolf can steal. Bernie Calderwood, who portrayed Captain KC, passed away in 2003.

The writers of the critically profaned "Adolf in Space" had the following comment: "Dagnabit! Where are we going to find new captains to steal names from! Blast you, Bernie!!! Wait--we haven't used Admiral Bernie yet! Brilliant!"

And---HOLY ZUCCHINI!!! Bernie went to EAST HIGH SCHOOL! Coincidence? I don't think so!!! Zac Efron works in mysterious ways!


Anonymous said…
Admiral Bernie was OK, even though I was really confused by the whole Captain KC/Admiral Bernie thing. But the true cartoon host in Salt Lake was Ron Ross aka Fireman Frank. I especially liked how he got his boy ballet dancer friends to explain that ballet dancing wasn't femmy and ballet dancers weren't fems no matter how tight they wore their leotards.
Anonymous said…
That Fireman Frank was a known mime sympathizer!

And you all are sick anyway because you like looking at terrorists in tights!

Hurray for Mayor Ferret
the anti-nose crusader
Did someone call me Earache?
Hurray hurray hurray!
Anonymous said…
Earache my eye! How would you like a butt-ache?

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