Now with Kliko Vision (TM)!

Using astounding new Internets technology, now comes with the disruptive techno-breakthrough of the century! With the amazing new Kliko Vision (TM - patent pending -- watch out google!), you can read your favorite Pinocchio and FooT comics by simply clicking on the image! Check in out ! This is just one of the incredible steps is making to fulfill it's twenty-year plan to become mobile-friendly by 2037!

AIS Three Saved!

Adolf in Space Numero Trois mysteriously disappeared from the InterToobs the other day! But not to worry, Pafly fan. Although Al-Qaida or the FLDS continue to be the main suspects in the disappearance, the crack technicians at International PAFLY Pork Pizza DisnoExxoPfizer, LLC, obtained the master copy carefully preserved in a nuclear-blast hardened, temperature-controlled safe deep in the caverns of NORAD and uploaded it to the IPPPDEP servers for your continued enjoyment. The Terrorists and Cylons lose another round, Pafly fan!

We're Moving is moving to a new server. Presumably it will appear seamless to our beloved fan, but no doubt complete chaos and disarray will result. Chaos and disarray is the Pafly way, after all!

New Adolf in Space!

Years in the making and millions over-budget, it's a new Adolf in Space !

Pafly on Twitter!

For no conceivable purpose, pafly is now on Twitter !

Finally, My Autographed Picture of Zac Efron!

Ooo. So dreamy. Get yours here ! Livin' in my own world....Didn't understand...

The Critics Have Spoken!

It's weird! It's creepy! And you can't tell which one is Zac Efron! ( Zefron ) Pinocchio and FooT! Always on the cutting edge!