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Prominent Nose Doc Attacks Ferret!

How dare he???

Ferret Already Mayor of Small Town in France!

Horrifying! When will it end???

Does this mean no tip?


NaNoWriMo Done!

Now there may be time for an update or two!

Ferret's New Campaign Slogan

The Ferret for Mayor campaign has a new and disturbing slogan . O, when will Pinocchio and FooT get out of that Pinocchio Make-Up kit and put a stop to this!!!

Dull and Listless


Pinocchio and FooT on Hiatus

You probably won't be able to tell the difference, but Pinocchio and FooT will not be updated during November because some of the writing staff are delusional. They insist on participating in NaNoWriMo . A novel written by a PAFLY writer ? The world shudders.

Adolf in Space on Odeo

Amazing! On Yahoo! Podcasts , too!

An Opposing View

Governor Calvin Rampton responds to Ferret's Candidacy for Mayor!

Ferret Keeps Pulling in New Endorsements!

Everyone seems to want Ferret For Mayor !

Years of Experience and Now Made in China

28 and pork pizza .

Kewl Buddha Feet

In your face Buddha feet !

Do you really think you'll need the snorkel?


Mysterious Spike

A mysterious, nose-shaped spike appeared in the number of page views at during the end of august, dear reader! We suspect that Muddchins have been peeking at us! Cover yourself, dear reader!

New Meditation Service is forever on the cutting edge! Of what, we're not sure. Now we offer a new, special meditation service! All you have to do, dear reader, is to go over to and stare at the logo for several seconds. You'll be amazed at the effect! Hey! Hi!

Radio Plays Pirated by Eastern Europeans!

See the horrible crime ! Have they no shame??

Holy Zucchini!!!

It's the Flying Ferret !

Catatonic with Nausea


Keyword Stats for August

Top 20 of 66 Total Search Strings # Hits Search String 1 18 16.22% pafly 2 5 4.50% adolf in space 3 5 4.50% pinocchio and foot 4 4 3.60% Sheri The Classy Dame 5 4 3.60% arglebargle 6 3 2.70% foot flush 7 3 2.70% pinocchio robot 8 2 1.80% PAFLY acronym 9 2 1.80% Pinocchio 10 2 1.80% Sheri The classy Dame 11 2 1.80% acronym pafly 12 2 1.80% foot love 13 2 1.80% pafly news 14 2 1.80% pafly stand for 15 2 1.80% pinocchio 16 2 1.80% radio plays 17 2 1.80% toe flatteners 18 1 0.90% %22pinocchio%22 19 1 0.90% Happy Buddha to FooT comic PAFLY 20 1 0.90% Hoo-Hoo Mormon crickets seem to have lost favor. Although the FooT fetishists keep on showing up. And what, o, what does PAFLY stand for? Maybe FooT knows . You'd think they'd tell the paflyman, wouldn't you?? It's probably the wild boar thing... And.... Ferret for Mayor??? Google trick: type " search-term " to search

Buddha Belch


What about Tomita?

Ha! Finally found where the title music of Adolf in Space came from! I was listening to a classical music station when they suddenly played Grigoras Dinicu : Hora staccato National Philharmonic Charles Gerhardt, conductor James Galway, flute RCA 60917 Add a little Tomita and you get Kosmos ! Coincidence? I don't think so! Ha and ha!! Take that Silly Looking Charlene! Hmm. Dinicu seems to be the most poorly documented composer ever, famous mainly for the hora staccato.

Q & A

Q. What would Spaceman Stuckup and Adolf in Space sound like if there had been no Moog ? A. Lawrence Welk accordian music .

What happens when....

What happens when you combine Adolf in Space with Pinocchio? Answer: Pinocchio in Space ! What happens when you combine Masto 5M the Mechanical Maitre d' with Pinocchio? Answer: Pinocchio the Robot (The "nose adventurer: l'aventurier nez )! What happens when you run an Italian graphics firm? Interactive Pinocchio !

You thought you knew Pinocchioo, did you?

If you think you know Pinocchio (and no one knows what the big nose knows) then you'll want to check out a seminar on Pinocchio . More and more .



Daily Kos says: P&F is Stupid but Surreal

Of this very site, Daily Kos said : "That is pretty stupid. Entertaining, in a surreal sort of way." Thanks! We try our best!

Pinocchio's Evil Twin????

Read the amazing story of the big nose bandit in Austria ! Could this be Pinocchio's evil twin?? We at are following the story on Google News !!! Thanks to Arid Spillut for the tip! And is it just me, or does everyone agree that the world highest toilet needs a foot flush ? Update: will the madness never end? Dutch football fans have been assaulted by a bunch of hooligans led by a man with big nose . Update 2: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! There's also a bignose bandit in los angeles !!!! A world-wide crime spree by bignosed criminals? I bet the Ferret is behind this!!!

Male Pattern Baldness


More pafly search strings

# Hits Search String 1 28 36.84% pafly 2 6 7.89% pinocchioo 3 4 5.26% whale mouth 4 3 3.95% pinocchio and foot 5 2 2.63% foot comics 6 2 2.63% foot flatteners 7 2 2.63% kids radio plays 8 2 2.63% mormon secret handshake 9 2 2.63% pinocchio 10 2 2.63% pinocchio fan site 11 2 2.63% robot armies 12 2 2.63% when you care enough to send the very worst 13 1 1.32% Adventures of Pinocchio 14 1 1.32% ancient mysterious objects 15 1 1.32% emigration market 16 1 1.32% foot fan 17 1 1.32% 18 1 1.32% make pinocchio's hat 19 1 1.32% mormon cricket behavior 20 1 1.32% mormon cricket foot One can only wonder, why not "mormon cricket secret FooTshake"?

New ad at Webcomicslist

New ad now up at And who's that in the picture in the background?

Fresh and Lemony


More Buddha FeeT on Ebay!

They're multiplying like mormon crickets! Be the first on your block to turn one into a FooT helmet! FeeTs are here and here ! Paflyman and P&F Studios are not responsible for fans who get beaten up by Buddhists for wearing Buddha FeeT in FooT helmets.

July Search Strings

More search strings used to find! # Hits Search String 01 10 40.00% pafly 02 3 12.00% whale mouth 03 2 8.00% pinocchio fan site 04 2 8.00% when you care enough to send the very worst 05 1 4.00% Adventures of Pinocchio 06 1 4.00% mormon cricket behavior 07 1 4.00% pafly news 08 1 4.00% pafly radio 09 1 4.00% pinocchio and foot 10 1 4.00% pinocchioo 11 1 4.00% robot armies 12 1 4.00% stuckup, when you care enough to send the very worst!

A real boy...

Page 21 of the ever more confusing make up kit dealy-whapper thingy is up. Read at your own risk.

Buddha FooT Alert

Hurry! You can bid on a Buddha FooT in Ebay!!!

How do you find pafly??

Favorite Search Strings for Top 20 of 42 Total Search Strings # Hits % Search String 1 27 23.89% pafly 2 14 12.39% pinocchio and foot 3 12 10.62% 4 4 3.54% COMICS pdf 5 4 3.54% paflyman 6 3 2.65% Pinocchio make-up 7 3 2.65% foot archives 8 3 2.65% pinocchio make-up kit 9 2 1.77% Mormon crickets how to get rid of 10 2 1.77% The New Adventures Of Pinocchio 11 2 1.77% foot comics 12 2 1.77% how big is a whale's mouth 13 2 1.77% kids radio plays 14 2 1.77% pinocchio comics 15 2 1.77% pinocchio whale 16 2 1.77% radio plays 17 2 1.77% watch spaceman 18 1 0.88% 10 flatteners 19 1 0.88% PINOCCHIO FAN CLUB 20 1 0.88% PINOCCHIO SITE We at especially recommend "Mormon crickets how to get rid of&qu

Stolen from Pinocchio and FooT!

This joke was clearly stolen from Pinocchio and FooT Comic Strip No. 4 ! Vile copycats!!

New Updates....As if you didn't know...

New updates starting here.... Using our new process repeatovision, P&F studios has broken production records! And kids, be the first in your block to "Spot the Pinocchio" on page 16! Sploook!

Repeat Update Alert......

Just a reminder: p. 15 of the Mystery of the Mysterious Pinocchio Make-Up Mysterious Thing has been added! And just you shut up, Fred Bug! I'm in charge now! pafly

New Blog!

We're moving the blog because I hate the old software too much. The old blog will remain for purposes of Stupidity Preservation, one of the cherished goals of!