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Vote for The Ferret...I mean...the Mayor

Let your voice be heard! Cast a vote for Mayor of Salt Lake City! Surprises await those who don't vote for The Ferret! Follow the exciting election returns !

Hear the Ferret!

The first Ferret commercial is now conveniently available at the Ferret's campaign website ! All you PAFLY Minuteman Kids don't forget to load it on your iPods and the iPods of all your friends...especially if they are tree-hugging liberals! I can't wait until Salt Lake is free of FooT-headed terrorists!!!

Pafly Radio Corrupting iTunes

Image fools are currently subscribed to Pafly Radio!

Can't Tell the Difference Between Reality and a Comicbook

Update: p. 32

Pafly in iTunes

Check out the cool new Pafly Radio Plays logo in iTunes here .

Isn't Friendship Grand?


New Adolf in Space!

Yes, the rumors are true. Break out the gasmasks and call in the translators! There is a new adventure of Adolf in Space over in Pafly Radio Plays ! And kids, you can subscribe to the Adolf in Space podcasts to keep those bewildering adventures on your favorite MP3 device! Just visit the pafly podcast feeds and feed away! Podcasts are not to be taken internally. Known side-effects include, but are not restricted to, headaches and nausea resulting from attempting to understand anything Adolf says. Should these occur, consult your doctor.