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Captain KC passes on

There's one less Captain whose name Adolf can steal. Bernie Calderwood , who portrayed Captain KC, passed away in 2003. The writers of the critically profaned "Adolf in Space" had the following comment: "Dagnabit! Where are we going to find new captains to steal names from! Blast you, Bernie!!! Wait--we haven't used Admiral Bernie yet! Brilliant!" And---HOLY ZUCCHINI!!! Bernie went to EAST HIGH SCHOOL! Coincidence? I don't think so!!! Zac Efron works in mysterious ways!

Adolf in Space Seven Now Available at a Store Near You

The latest Adolf in Space is here . Adolf's success is astounding. Out of billions of potential listeners all over the world, Adolf averaged 30, yes, 30 subscribers over the last month! Also this month, Adolf subscriptions reached the all time high of 42 . The chart above gives the number of subscribers per day since Adolf's inception--as a podcast anyway. Simply astounding!

August Strindberg Steals Adolf

In shameless act of plagiarism, August Strindberg has stolen the character Captain Adolf for his second rate play, " the Father ." Stindberg's corpse did not immediately return this reporter's phone calls. One can only speculate: what is he trying to hide?

Oh's Ain't Got Arms