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Buddha Belch


What about Tomita?

Ha! Finally found where the title music of Adolf in Space came from! I was listening to a classical music station when they suddenly played Grigoras Dinicu : Hora staccato National Philharmonic Charles Gerhardt, conductor James Galway, flute RCA 60917 Add a little Tomita and you get Kosmos ! Coincidence? I don't think so! Ha and ha!! Take that Silly Looking Charlene! Hmm. Dinicu seems to be the most poorly documented composer ever, famous mainly for the hora staccato.

Q & A

Q. What would Spaceman Stuckup and Adolf in Space sound like if there had been no Moog ? A. Lawrence Welk accordian music .

What happens when....

What happens when you combine Adolf in Space with Pinocchio? Answer: Pinocchio in Space ! What happens when you combine Masto 5M the Mechanical Maitre d' with Pinocchio? Answer: Pinocchio the Robot (The "nose adventurer: l'aventurier nez )! What happens when you run an Italian graphics firm? Interactive Pinocchio !

You thought you knew Pinocchioo, did you?

If you think you know Pinocchio (and no one knows what the big nose knows) then you'll want to check out a seminar on Pinocchio . More and more .



Daily Kos says: P&F is Stupid but Surreal

Of this very site, Daily Kos said : "That is pretty stupid. Entertaining, in a surreal sort of way." Thanks! We try our best!

Pinocchio's Evil Twin????

Read the amazing story of the big nose bandit in Austria ! Could this be Pinocchio's evil twin?? We at are following the story on Google News !!! Thanks to Arid Spillut for the tip! And is it just me, or does everyone agree that the world highest toilet needs a foot flush ? Update: will the madness never end? Dutch football fans have been assaulted by a bunch of hooligans led by a man with big nose . Update 2: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! There's also a bignose bandit in los angeles !!!! A world-wide crime spree by bignosed criminals? I bet the Ferret is behind this!!!

Male Pattern Baldness