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He's a Bit Twirled



Disney is making a bollywood version of High School Musical . As of yet, there are no reports of plans to place a Taj Mahal-like dome on East High School. ARGGG!!!

Arggg! Make It Stop!

The San Jose Mercury likes High School Musical! What are they smokin' up there in Silicon Valley?? And it's out on DVD! And 36 million idiots have watched it! It's as if....Fredrick Quagmire the Third were Emperor of the Universe or something like that!! Arrrggg!! And this from IMDb : The Salt Lake Tribune reported today that Robyn Roberts, the principal of East High School, receives emails every day about the movie. "They're asking, 'Is your school really that fun?'" She says that one school administrator asked for a floor plan of East High. "They're redesigning their school ... and they want to make it more enjoyable for kids." Arrrggg!!